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Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church

Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church
Core Belief #1 - God is Real! #2 - His Word is Our Authority! #3 - His Son is Our Salvation! #4 - His Spirit Lives In Us! #5 - He Calls Us to Change Lives! #6 - He Will Judge All! #7 - He Left Us Instructions!
Our Mission:
“A generational, multi-cultural church sharing the love of God with the lost through building relationships.”
Our Vision:
Our Present – Today, Mount Calvary serves as a beacon throughout the community of servant-leaders prepared to carry the love of Jesus Christ to the masses. Outreach and evangelism have become essential elements of the ministry as they strive weekly to show Christ to everyone they encounter. Throughout the 110 years since her beginning, Mount Calvary has experienced years of growth, change, challenges, and movement. Through it all, the church stands as a testimony of the faithfulness of God. In April 2011, Mount Calvary was privileged to choose Pastor LaBryant Friend as their new leader.
Our Future – With new vision, goals, and leadership on the horizon, Mount Calvary is prepared to embark on its purpose to manifest the Kingdom of God in the earth. As it has been stated time and time again, “It’s A New Day at Mount Calvary!” As we move into this new day of promise and purpose, we are more committed than ever as a family to see God do great things through us in the earth. Indeed, our future is bright and filled with limitless potential for God to do great things among us!

Office Hours Tues-Fri 8am-5pm
210 E Lester Street Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 624-3813

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